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I could not have been any more satisfied than i was the day of the funeral. I'm still getting positive comments from family and friends on how well the funeral was handled and the attendants were superb. Kate Lindsay was so willing to attend to me and take all the time it needed to make decisions. 
~ Betty   D. - 9/19/2017
I was very pleased with all staff members we had contact with. Most of all with those we were at the church during the the viewing and the service. They were always there on time and to do anything we asked. Thank you to all. 
~ Juanita   F. - 8/23/2017
Mark McNelis is amazing person. Compassionate, caring, knowledgeable.
~ Don   G. - 8/23/2017
We as a family were very satisfied by your handling of all the funeral arrangements. Matt and Greta did an excellent job.
~ Ronald   P. - 7/18/2017
I am very grateful to the staff at New Comer Funeral Home who helped one and my family. Through an overwhelming and stressful time. I sincerely appreciate the care and attention given to the many details to make sure that my husband had a proper funeral. 
~ Rose   P. - 7/18/2017
Excellent in its finest form. We used the Empire Blvd site for my Mother's viewing and honoring. I was very impressed as were the folks who came. Mark was extremely empathetic while simultaneously providing details that enable our family to truly experience a homegoing celebration for my Mother. 
~ Patricia   A. - 7/18/2017

So many of the guests who attended my father's memorial service commented on the wonderful tribute you arranged for my dad, who always preferred casual get-togethers than formal ones... I think the reverence and formality of the Flag Folding Ceremony to celebrate him being a veteran was such a contrast that was so emotional to everyone and made the event unforgettable. Over the years I've had to attend funerals in a variety of settings- all were expensive- what you did for my dad was so wonderful that I would recommend your funeral home above all others!

~ Sue   B. - 7/17/2017
We were very satisfied and pleased with the services made available to us, especially impressed with such a comforting and caring staff, both before and after the service. Joe Callea was very caring and wonderful to us. He "walked" us through the entire process, and was very helpful with the decision-making process as well. 
~ Patricia   H. - 6/12/2017

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