Why do I need an urn vault?


Many families ask us about the need for an urn vault, wondering why it is necessary. It works like this. When you choose to bury an urn with your loved one’s cremated remains, the urn vault encloses the urn, sustaining the weight of the earth and protecting it from the elements. Most cemeteries require an outer burial container of some kind to protect the grave space from the settling earth and heavy machinery.

Lined burial vaults provide the most protection to the urn vault. An example to the right shows the impact of settling and machinery on a grave space with no vault, an unlined outer burial container, and a lined urn vault.

Vaults are available in precious metals such as bronze and copper, stainless steel and concrete.

To see a selection of urn vaults as well as our other services and merchandise, please talk to your funeral director or go to our Online Funeral Planner.


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