Personalization options for the casket

Caskets are available in many types of materials and designs. After you select a casket, your funeral director can share with you the many personalization options available to you. 

Some caskets come with panels inside the lid that you can slip photographs or memorabilia into, or are embroidered to illustrate favorite pastimes, interests and special relationships. Other caskets allow decorative medallions to be attached to the lid. These medallions are also available in pocket-sized engraved keepsakes.

Special designs may be added to the corner of the casket to express the interests of your loved one. These corners come in many designs and celebrate relationships, spirituality, affiliations, professions, hobbies and interests. Later, you can add the decorative corner to a keepsake plaque with a photo holder and engravable plate.

Other caskets include a special shelf that pulls out of the casket lid, allowing you to display keepsakes and photographs during the visitation and viewing.

Please ask your funeral director for more information about any of these options.


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