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Special thanks to Mark McNelis and Diane at the 6 Empire Blvd, Rochester NY location. Funeral services were provided for my mother in 2016 and my father in 2017. Our family was very pleased with the calling hour services and your warm, caring and friendly staff.  
~ Debra   H. - 5/8/2017
We were so very pleased with everything! The staff were outstanding and helped u sin every way possible. The room was set up beautifully for our mom. I cannot say enough about how pleased we were with the service, staff and everything at Newcomers!
~ Dureen   S. - 4/5/2017
Everyone was very kind, helpful and patient with us an dour needs- great family type environment. Very reasonable prices and great services. Could not be more pleased. 
~ Larry   M. - 3/22/2017
New Comer did a fantastic job with my mother's funeral in 2004 and an equally fantastic job with my father's arrangements in 2017. Thank you very much! Matthew Morante did an outstanding job handling my father's burial arrangements. 
~ Kenneth   B. - 3/22/2017
I was so impressed with the service and caring by Newcomer- I had hospice for my mother at home- Marc was so compassionate after my mother passed at home- during a hard tim to let go he was so helpful. Greta was wonderful- she advised us and helped us sort out our thoughts and explained everything she was very knowledgeable in helping us prepare. 
~ Georgiana   R. - 3/21/2017
Everything was perfect. There is nothing that I could think of that you could improve on. Mark McNelis was amazing and made the whole experience so much better than I would have expected. 
~ Danyelle   O. - 2/21/2017
I usually don't write reviews but the treatment that me and my family received was heartfelt and sincere. The family is forever grateful and would hope that though it is a moment of pain that you will atleast find comfort in knowing that your love ones as well as you will be treated in this manner. Thank you newcomer funeral homes.  ~via Facebook
~ Luis   M. - 2/12/2017
I feel the quality of any business is reflected in the staff, and, here you have 100% earned my satisfaction and support. Although a very difficult time for me, I cannot say enough for the direct care Kate gave me. I will never forget this!!
~ Barbara   S. - 12/27/2016

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