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Excellent just doesn't come close. I never felt as highly valued as I did in every dealing with you. Matt was amazing as we were still in shock. When we disagreed or had differing opinions, he quietly offered great compromises.
~ Mary   W. - 9/10/2019

Couldn't ask for anything better.  Very satisfied!
~ Chet   W. - 9/9/2019

Matt was great.  Kate did an amazing job, the best I have ever seen.  Everyone was so nice.  Very pleased with everything.  Thank you for making this such a hassle free experience.
~ Levi   W. - 9/3/2019

I was highly satisfied with New Comer. John Foley has helped my family through three different passings and has made this difficult time as easy as possible. Thank you.
~ Connor   B. - 8/31/2019

Exceeded my expectations! Kathryn Lindsay was very professional and Amy Moon was very helpful with assisting and follow-up support. Nicely done - thank you!
~ Michael   K. - 8/24/2019

My family was very satisfied with the quality of your service. Everything was expertly done and I will highly recommend you. A special thank you to Diane - she has been wonderful dealing with all the arrangements for my two sons. She has gone above and beyond to help me. 
~ June   P. - 8/19/2019

New Comer is #1 in upstate New York! The staff at my father's funeral service was awesome. New Comer was a God-send to my family.
~ Rickey   H. - 8/14/2019

I have already recommended you to others. I was very satisfied. You will have my business when the time comes.
~ D   M. - 8/13/2019

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