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Very satisfied. Your staff was extremely knwledgable, informative and helpful. Concern and compassion were prevalent everywhere I turned with everyone I encountered. Your organization took away my stress and anxiety providing a smooth, "no suprises" experience. What a relief!! 
~ Joanne   J. - 11/23/2018

My family was very pleased about how everything turned out. Joe was personable, very helpful & went out of his way several times to come directly to my house to fill out paperwork, drop off pictures and posters. Military service was excellent. So proud and no dry eyes. Thank you so much for making this happen for my family.
~ Elaine   J. - 11/13/2018

We are totally satisfied. We could not ask for a more sensitive or professional service. We would like to extend a sincere Thank You to Mark for being ever so helpful and sensitive for us during this time. Thank you again.
~ Stanley   W. - 11/12/2018

Jeff Roberts made the arrangements convenient for me and my family and all was taken care of efficiently. Our family was very satisfied with everything - the pictures were displayed beautifully and the video was just perfect. Thanks to all who helped.
~ Elaina   L. - 11/10/2018

I have been around funerals all my life for friends & family but you guys are the best. Jeff & other staff members treated us wonderful. Thank you for everything.
~ Jack   F. - 11/6/2018

Kathryn was very helpful and could answer all my questions. I was very satisfied. All of your employees were very respectful. 
~ Barbara   B. - 11/1/2018

I would highly recommend New Comer. Excellent service, excellent staff. Kate is amazing. Very understanding and sensitive to our family's wants & needs.
~ Kathy   K. - 10/29/2018

Matthew Morante was a huge help with preplanning and directing my mom's funeral. His sympathetic guidance and down-to-earth approach made a big difference at a tough time. Please thank him for us.
~ Michael   D. - 10/18/2018

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