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I worked with Mark for all the funeral needs for my Mom & Dad and ex sister-in-law. I have always been satisified with the services provided. Everybody is friendly and so compassionate. Mark has been there and always took time to answer all my questions. Great staff.
~ Kathy   D. - 11/19/2019

I was very upset about my mother passing away and I was helped every step of the way through this time in my life. I was very satisfied with all the help and understanding at this time.
~ Deborah   H. - 11/7/2019

Melissa Campbell and Kate Lindsay did a great job of walking us through this process. I don't have a clue how we would have coordinated all this without New Comer. No loose ends! Every time I thought about something you had already done it. Thank you from my whole family.
~ Michael   C. - 10/27/2019

I would use New Comer again. Great staff, clean facility and the family felt at home. Matthew Morante (very good gentleman) knows what is important, always answered all my phone calls and had all the right answers.
~ Dorothy   S. - 10/22/2019

I was very satisfied with the memorial service we had for our mom. The staff was sympathetic and very helpful, getting us through this difficult time. I would definitely recommend New Comer's to my family and friends.
~ Kim   H. - 10/14/2019

We were made very comfortable and at ease. Everyone was wonderful! Very helpful and friendly. There were two men named Mark that were great. Mom was 96 and she looked beautiful.
~ Daniel   K. - 10/11/2019

Everyone at the Empire Road office helped with both my parents. I can't thank you enough for all the help you provided to me when my mother and then my father passed away this year. 
~ Thomas   D. - 10/2/2019

David Wilcox put us at ease from the get-go. He was so helpful and answered questions patiently and confidently. We were very happy with the arrangements and services. Everyone anticipated our needs and were very knowledgeable and kind.
~ Brenda   B. - 9/30/2019

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