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I already have recommended you and will continue to do so. This was my 3rd funeral here. The caring, concern, and kindness was obvious. Thank you to Jeff and staff - very professional, yet kind and caring.
~ Karen   V. - 10/4/2021

Overall your staff was amazing. I felt my mother was very happy looking down on what a beautiful job you did for her. The ladies at the doors and staff that was very helpful with candles that day were very kind.
~ Lorne   F. - 9/28/2021

Jeff Roberts and his teams at both Rochester locations were so patient, compassionate, helpful, and efficient. My Dad's funeral planning was much easier than I thought thanks to Newcomers. From the moment my brothers and I spoke with Jeff he made it simple. Even though we had no idea what to do, we had checked with another funeral home that our family has always used, however, the service and the price at Newcomers was so incredible there was no question what we wanted to do and who we wanted to handle our dads memorial. Thank you, Jeff and team!!! I have no doubt that our Dad is so proud!
~ Maribeth   L. - 9/28/2021

Wonderful staff, especially Joe. We have already recommended you.
~ John   W. - 9/24/2021

Thank you for the kindness and sympathy you showed our family. We lost my grandmother and a month later I lost my mother. Kathryn played a role in both services. She was wonderful in the kindness and gentleness she displayed and a tremendous help in helping us to understand the process.
~ Yesenia   R. - 9/20/2021

Beautiful job taking care of all the details. Chris Tasber walked us through the process. Was very patient while I had to consult other family members on the details. The staff was very friendly and respectful. Would highly recommend.
~ Israel   R. - 9/20/2021

I felt out needs were addressed in every step. Kate and John were tremendous throughout the process. Kate was so patient and caring. Answered all questions with ease and clarity. There was nothing to improve upon. She was beyond perfect. Great staff in every way.
~ John   M. - 9/12/2021

I am disabled and loved it that your representative came to home. Very satisfied. Excellent service.
~ Marlene   H. - 9/6/2021

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