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Very pleasant experience - due to the staff and director John. A beautiful ceremony in a troubled time. Thank you all.
~ Douglas   B. - 6/6/2020

From the time they picked up my husband until the graveside services, we were treated with kindness and compassion. Kate Lindsay, Mark McNelis, David Wilcox, Ash Love, Matt Morante, Diane Carder - all treated us with kindness and compassion. They walked us slowly thru the process making sure we understood everything. We were so impressed on how well my husband looked.
~ Barbara   O. - 6/2/2020

Great job with my son. Thanks very much. Quality of service was great. Really need all your support. I will pass it on to anyone who need your service.
~ Bobby   S. - 5/30/2020

My dad wanted to go back because of the great job you did with my brother and moving forward my dad (when he passes) said he wants to be laid out at New Comers. 
~ Arinda   S. - 5/26/2020

Jeff Roberts, director, was incredibly efficient and compassionate. My father died suddenly from COVID-19 and we had not made any arrangements. Jeff handled everything from arranging transport from Caradangna Hospital to their facility on Ridgeway Ave. to meeting with us in a clean and safe environment. Also, Bob the driver transporting my dad was very compassionate and respectful. It was Good Friday when my father passed. Even though it was a holiday, Jeff took care of all the arrangements that day. We are extremely appreciative to his sense of urgency and throughness.
~ Elaine   D. - 5/23/2020

Everything was done so professionally. It felt as if we were your only concern for the time, yet we knew you were busy. Everyone was so friendly and kind. Mark McNelis was kind, patient and understanding. Friendly too. Amy at the front desk was so helpful with documents, etc. that I needed. We appreciated the family viewing opportunity with the COVID mess. We hope for a memorial service in the fall. Thanks so much. Sad to not have funeral. Short graveside was sweet.
~ Anne   T. - 5/21/2020

Excellent! We couldn't have asked for better care and concern, especially during the pandemic. 
~ Barbara   Y. - 5/19/2020

Very much satisfied and I find no improvement necessary. The funeral director and the lady who helped when I came to pick up my mom's ashes - all were very helpful and gracious.
~ Linda   K. - 5/12/2020

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